Training and Education

Liability Workshops

The Fund began offering liability workshops in 1992 as a response to community center staff’s and trustee’s concerns about potential claims and lawsuits related to community center operations. Each year the Fund provides four liability workshops to help community centers reduce their risks.

The Fund workshops are unique learning opportunities for Fund members who want to gain deeper insight into medical malpractice liability, employment practices disputes and other current issues affecting Texas community centers.

Over the past two and a half decades, workshops have investigated subjects such as management of crisis services, confidentiality, employment risks, corporate compliance, peer review and credentialing, contracting, community center law, and HIPAA requirements among other issues.  Participants have benefited from the knowledge and expertise of center attorneys and other professionals, many of whom are frequent presenters at the workshops.

Flyers and registration forms are sent to centers a few weeks in advance of each program.  Participants can also access this information and register electronically on this web site.