September 22, 2023

There is no fee for TCRMF Fund members. Non-members are not eligible to attend.

Contract and Procurement issues continue to pose challenges to community centers. Richard Wigzell, Risk Management Consultant for the Fund will address many of the issues and solutions he deals with related to the contracts community centers encounter. He will examine hold harmless and indemnity agreements, safety issues, insurance requirements, and what to do when a vendor or contractor wants to impose their contract on the center.

Linda Bell, General Counsel for Gulf Coast Center will explain the intricacies and requirements of procurement in Texas including a review of the “State of Texas Procurement and Contract Management Guide” published by the Statewide Procurement Division. She will break down the requirements at different purchase cost levels that range from easy to more complicated. Both speakers will be available to answer your questions.

Contract managers, Procurement and Purchasing staff, CFO’s, Compliance staff, Risk Managers, Executive Directors, and any other people engaged in negotiation and management of contracts should attend.