October 7, 2021

TCRMF Hot Topics Webinar

Join us for the next TCRMF webinar on October 7, 2021 from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm. Pam Beach will inform us about several “hot topics” that have crashed onto the scene lately. Of particular concern to Community Centers is the recently declared Federal Vaccination Mandate to be promulgated by the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare and through federal contracting.

Another active issue is the new Texas abortion law (SB 8) and how it might impact the counseling of Center clients. Several centers have also been exploring setting up a “DBA” for center operations. Pam will cover the basics and things to consider on this common process, including some critical issues to avoid. Lastly, Ms. Beach will also review the recent open carry law and reversion to pre-covid open meetings requirements. Other hot topics seem to pop up weekly so there may be some additions by October 7.

As usual, sign up on our website at tcrmf.org to attend the webinar. The webinar is without cost to Fund members and offered only to Fund members. If you have questions or difficulty registering for the webinar please call Kathy Hulse at 800-580-6467 or by e-mail at Kathy.Hulse@sedgwick.com.