June 26, 2024

There is no fee for TCRMF Fund members. Non-members are not eligible to attend.

The Risk Managers Advisory Committee is announcing a Webinar to provide information about the wave of First Amendment Audits that has begun targeting Community Centers.  On June 26, 2024, Pam Beach will present a webinar to explain what is happening, make recommendations for responding to the audit, and when HIPAA applies.  Individuals asserting a First Amendment right to enter and remain on government-owned property and to film public officials and employees has been ruled a First Amendment right by the courts. Pam will summarize pertinent court cases, describe what is considered “public property” and discuss the “rights” members of the public have in your public places.  Non-public places will also be discussed, an extremely important distinction for Community Centers.  Public health facilities are generally recognized as “nonpublic” forums.  Pam will describe the characteristics of health care facilities that remove it from a public forum status and discuss the laws that apply.  Finally, Pam will recommend measures to help prevent filming and ways to deal with people who don’t think they have to comply.

The presentation will be recorded, and you will be asked to complete a brief survey at the end of the presentation.