Workers' Compensation

Like standard market insurance companies and other self-insurance pools, the Fund offers workers’ compensation coverage that not only complies with the benefits of the Texas Labor Code  but also strives to provide workers that best care possible. Workers’ compensation covers medical bills and income benefits should an employee sustain an on-the-job injury.

As an alternative to the standard guaranteed cost workers’ compensation coverage, the Fund offers a Minimum Contribution Plan (MCP).  Under the MCP, member contributions are determined based on actual member losses for a given year, subject to maximum and minimum amounts.  When properly budgeted, this approach significantly improves cash flow for participants.

Workers’ compensation health care services for the Fund are provided through the Political Subdivision Workers’ Compensation Alliance (icon-export PSWCA or the Alliance).

Have a claim?

You can find the forms you need to report a workers’ compensation claim as well as mandatory workers’ compensation notices using the link below.

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