The Fund Partnership with the Alliance
(Political Subdivision Workers’ Compensation Alliance)

The Fund is committed to ensuring that injured employees have access to quality treatment geared for their condition. The Fund, along with four other public entity pools, founded the Political Subdivision Workers’ Compensation Alliance (PSWCA or the Alliance) in 2006. The Alliance assembled a network of physicians and other health care providers who are diligent and devoted in providing the best care possible to injured or ill workers.

Other participating pools in the Alliance include Texas Water Conservation Association Risk Management Fund, Texas Association of Counties Risk Management Pool, Texas Association of School Boards Risk Management Fund, and Texas Municipal League Intergovernmental Risk Pool.

Provider List for Workers’ Compensation Injuries

Members’ injured employees are required to seek medical treatment from the Alliance’s provider list of treating physicians.  A complete list is available online at, or you can call 1-866-99-PSWCA (1-866-997-7922).  Injured workers can also directly call their adjuster at the Fund (1-800-580-6467) for assistance related to an on-the-job injury.  In case of an emergency, injured workers can go to the nearest emergency room; emergency care does not need to be approved in advance.

A major goal of the Alliance is to have excellent access to care for member employees throughout Texas. The Alliance encourages members to nominate medical providers in their area who have proved effective and responsive to their injured workers’ medical needs. Alliance staff will screen recommended providers and check credentials before inviting them into the network.



More Information about the Alliance

Additional information about the Alliance, including Frequently Asked Questions, is available on the Alliance web site: